How do you define “Steampunk Cowl”?

The stats tell me that someone found this blog when looking for a “crochet steampunk cowl” on the web. How intriguing! I would love to know what the person looking for a “Steampunk Cowl” had in mind. Because I want one, too!🙂

So, let’s hear your ideas. How would a “Steampunk Cowl” be like?

Here’s what the web offers:

Are there more interesting links and tutorials you might know about? Please share them, will you?🙂

Laut meiner Statistiken landete jemand durch die Suchbegriffe “steampunk cowl häkeln” hier im Blog. Spannend! Ich würde gern wissen, was sich diese Person vorgestellt hat, als sie nach einem “Steampunk Cowl” suchte. Denn ich will auch einen!🙂

Lasst mich eure Gedanken dazu hören. Wie würde ein “Steampunk Cowl” aussehen?

Im Web findet man u.a. dies:

Sind euch vielleicht noch andere interessante Links oder Tutorials bekannt? Bitte lasst mich davon wissen!🙂


  1. Haha! How to cool to know I came up in a web search! Thanks for stopping by Steam Spectre and leaving a comment. I just attending a really great Victorian fashion show yesterday during a “Victorian Days” festival and they had a few amazing steampunk pieces. Very inspiring…

    1. Wow, I would have liked to go there! I’m not even sure we have something like this here.

      I know, coming up in a web search is just AWESOME!🙂

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