Super Stripes Week: Friday

White blouse, purple stripes. Looking at the photo I start to really like this outfit. Any suggestions how to put a little “steam” in it (“steam” as in “Steampunk”)?

Weiße Bluse, lila Streifen. Ich beginne, dieses Outfit zu mögen, je länger ich das Foto betrachte. Habt ihr Vorschläge, wie man das ganze etwas steampunkiger gestalten könnte?

Blazer: C&A

Blouse: C&A

Necklace: Takko

Jeans: Mavi


  1. A waistcoat (vest) or a brown belt with heavy buckles at the waist would give the outfit more dimension and ‘steam’. A necklace pocketwatch, striped pant or a full skirt with victorian esque ruffles. Steampunk is heavy on accessories. So: hats, watches, belts, bags, goggles, wrist cuffs.

    I love the blazer, it has a really nice shape.

  2. Re more challenges: Yep! There will be at least one more fashion challenge this summer. Probably in May or June. If you want details, feel free to email me for more info. I can be reached at Ecc3ntriccynic[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. I love that jacket! I’ve been trying to think of ways to add a little bit of steam to my outfits as well… I would love to hear what you and others come up with!

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