The Aviator’s Daughter (Or: What I Wore To Work Today)

I think I mentioned my recent shopping trips, didn’t I? Well, today I sooo wanted to add a touch of Steampunk to my outfit. But it absolutely had to be work-appropriate. So this is what I chose for today:

Ich glaube, ich hatte meine Shopping-Trips von neulich schon erwähnt? Heute wollte ich unbedingt etwas mit einem Hauch von Steampunk anziehen. Allerdings musste es unbedingt für die Arbeit geeignet sein. Ausgesucht habe ich mir für heute dann dies:

I wonder why clothes always look different in the pictures I take? However, I really like both shirt and blazer. The blazer/jacket has a certain military feel to it and the shirt reminds me of Indiana Jones or at least of adventures in Amazonia. Both combined should have made me feel like a Steampunk Sky Pirate, an Airship’s Captain or at least like an Aviator’s Daughter (which I really am) but… well, I didn’t feel like it. Not even like an Explorer.😦 It started all so well this morning. I felt great. I liked my outfit. Even though I was wearing a pair of jeans. My boots matched the blazer perfectly. But now, after having seen the photos, I’d like to hide under the covers. (Even though one of my co-workers really admired the outfit and now wants a shirt like this one.)

Ich frage mich, warum Klamotten auf den Bildern, die ich mache, immer so ganz anders aussehen? Wie auch immer, diesen Blazer bzw. diese Jacke und das Hemd mag ich wirklich. Die Jacke hat einen leicht militärischen Touch und das Hemd erinnert mich an Indiana Jones oder zumindest an Abenteuer im Amazonasgebiet. Beides kombiniert sollte mir das Gefühl geben, ein Steampunk Luftpirat, Kapitän eines Luftschiffs oder zumindest die Tochter eines Fliegers (was ich tatsächlich bin) zu sein, aber… so fühlte ich mich überhaupt nicht. Nicht mal wie ein Entdecker.😦 Heute Morgen hatte alles so gut angefangen. Ich fühlte mich großartig. Ich mochte mein Outfit. Trotz der Kombination mit Jeans. Meine Stiefel passten perfekt zur Jacke. Doch jetzt, nachdem ich die Fotos gesehen habe, würde ich mich am liebsten unter der Bettdecke verstecken. (Auch obwohl eine Kollegin mein Outfit heute richtig bewundert hat und nun auch so ein Hemd haben möchte.)

I tried to re-style the outfit when I came home. I exchanged the jacket for my new vest. Looks better, doesn’t it?

Als ich nach Hause kam, habe ich versucht, das Outfit etwas umzustylen. Ich habe die Jacke durch meine neue Weste ersetzt. Sieht besser aus, oder?

Please be honest: Has this been a failed attempt to add “steam” to a casual work-outfit?

Seid ehrlich: Ist dieser Versuch, ein wenig “Steam” in lockere/zwanglose Arbeitsklamotten zu bringen, gescheitert?

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  1. Definitely not a fail!! I really love that blazer, and it works quite well with the top and jeans! The funny thing about photos is sometimes they make the outfit look better and sometimes they make us not like it as much. I say go with how you delt while wearing it rather than how you felt looking at the pics.

    I will add that I do like the vest slightly better with that top, as it allows the sleeve details to show. But both really do look great, with just a hint of steam!!

    1. Thanks for your encouragement.🙂
      I was so disappointed when seeing the pics that I actually decided not to leave the house again for today – and then I put my pyjamas on.😉

      Yes, I agree: I like the vest/shirt combination better, too.
      The last picture isn’t that bad…

  2. Definite WIN! It’s a matter of learning to take pictures of yourself in your clothes. And remembering that what camera captures is not always what you look like. There’s a reason for all the “Blogger Pose” jokes, sometimes it feels unnatural to twist/turn and make your outfits look good in photos. And some clothes just photograph better than others.

    That said – OMG LOVE I want a blazer with such awesome details. It’s like sneaking Steam to work with you. I love the vest too, but it doesn’t give off the same professional vibe as the jacket.

    As for D&D, check around online and see if there are any groups around you or if you might want to join an online game. I know my Husband is currently running an online D&D. I’m not participating, but his group of friends use Ventrilo/Skype to talk and another program to make a “board” and roll “dice”.

  3. I think both versions are a win! That is a great jacket and an awesome vest. I love the steampunk look that both of those pieces have and think you styled them beautifully. Megan is right, it takes a while to get used to taking pictures of yourself.

  4. @Megan: Thanks.🙂 Yes, I thought there were some secrets about photographing yourself… Hopefully I’ll figure them out soon!🙂

    @Sheila: Thank you, Sheila! I’ve never been a style expert.😦 I wish I had a better “feel” for fashion.

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