Glimpse Of The Past: The Long Skirt

This is me in 2005. I loved that floor-length skirt! For some reason, I gave it away 3 years ago.😦 New relationship, new job… Back then I thought it was time to part ways. I thought it was time to “grow out of Gothdom”.  Now I deeply regret it. It’s hard to see in this picture but I’m not only wearing a great skirt, I’m also wearing a great scarf… Yes, you know the story: I gave it away, too. Same thing happened to the coat and the boots. I only kept the top. I feel so bad about giving these things away! How I wish I still had them.😦

Have you ever done something like this and deeply regretted it for years?

Das bin ich 2005. Wie habe ich diesen bodenlangen Rock geliebt! Dummerweise habe ich ihn weggegeben.😦 Neue Beziehung, neuer Job… Zum damaligen Zeitpunkt dachte ich, ich täte das Richtige. Ich dachte, es sei langsam an der Zeit, dem Goth-Sein zu entwachsen. Inzwischen bedaure ich es zutiefst. Es ist schwer zu erkennen, aber im Bild trage ich nicht nur diesen genialen Rock, sondern auch einen großartigen Schal… Ja, ihr wisst, wie es weitergeht: Auch den habe ich fortgegeben, ebenso den Mantel und die Stiefel. Nur das Oberteil besitze ich noch. Ich bedaure es so sehr, dass ich mich von diesen sachen getrennt habe.😦

Habt ihr auch schon einmal soetwas in der Art getan und es dann jahrelang bedauert?


  1. I’ve done the same thing a few times. Usually it’s something I wasn’t totally satisfied with, and after two years I finally get rid of it. Then a week later I think of a cool way I could have modified it!

    But usually, I have the opposite problem with clothes. I never seem to be able to part with anything!! I have no problem purging in other areas of my life, but I do hoard clothes.

    Don’t fret though. You will eventually rebuild a wardrobe that you will be even happier with!

  2. Yes. I thrifted this amazing pair of leather pants in high school. I moved during 2008 in with my Husband and somehow they did not come with me. I am still searching for a real pair of leather pants.

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