“Gothier Than Thou”

Has this ever happened to you, too: As soon as two or more black-clad people stand together one is certain to begin telling everybody else how gothy he or she is, how long he/she has been “part of the scene”, how he or she is a connoisseur of gothic clothing and how deeply involved he/she is with the gothic movement. No, this doesn’t happen ALL the time but I’ve found myself within hearing-range of such talk quite often now.

But, alas! Recently, the worst case EVER happened… I heard myself telling a friend: “I’ve had these boots since 2003. They’ve proven their worth on many festivals since then.”Oh no, think about what I’ve been implying with these two sentences! But my friend (wearing the same brand of boots) soon redeemed me by saying: “Well, I’ve had mine since 2000!”

Haha, oh my!🙂 Fortunately, it didn’t get worse than that. We just laughed and returned to a normal conversation (about cooking, I think).

But this morning I told Mr. K. (whether he was still sleeping or not I can’t say): “I’ve had my first pair of gothic boots when I was 13!!!” Ha, now he knows for certain that I’M SO MUCH GOTHIER THAN HIM who never ever owned ANY gothic item!😉 Ha!

Yes, dear readers, now you know about my gothyness, too. *lol*

Sorry, I just felt like writing this.🙂 I’m sure many of you know what I’m talking about.

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