Lord Of The Lost & MONO INC.

Last weekend, we went to one of the greatest concerts I’ve ever been to: MONO INC. and their fantastic supporting act Lord Of The Lost. If you haven’t heard about them yet it’s about time to check them out!

Lord Of The Lost

Unfortunately, I was standing much too far away to take good photographs.  All pics I took are blurry from zooming in.😦

Lord Of The Lost

Lord Of The Lost




Lord Of The Lost & Sal (w/o singer Chris)

Best part of the concert: both bands joined the crowd just after the show. Awesome! Also, they let annoying people like me take pictures. I was so excited that I couldn’t control the crazy facial expression. It wouldn’t leave my face.😦

Lord Of The Lost are such nice people! They didn’t mind me lurking around and constantly telling them how much I had enjoyed their show.

Manuel & Sal

See? I’m still looking like a madwoman. Fortunately, Manuel (MONO INC.) didn’t seem to mind. He’s so nice & handsome.

Martin & Sal

Martin didn’t mind my weird look, either. He was very gallant and nice.

MONO INC.’s drummer Katha was very sweet when she gave autographs. There was a little boy in the audience whose birthday it was that day. She talked to him for a while and he looked so happy.

I asked Lord Of The Lost if they’d sign their new album for me. And they did! Thank you, guys!🙂

If you ever get the chance go and see both MONO INC. and Lord Of The Lost! They are AMAZING!

Diesen Artikel gibt es HIER auch auf Deutsch.


  1. They’re both from Germany and probably mostly known in the dark scene in Europe yet.
    Here’s MONI INC. – Symphony Of Pain:

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