ReGoth Your Wardrobe

Weeks ago, I had a close look at my wardrobe. I got rid of some pieces, put others on piles, and rediscovered things I had completely forgotten about.

Over the past 5 years, my wardrobe changed from mostly black clothes to ordinary work-appropriate apparel. How had that happened!? Looking at my clothes in wonder I decided to somehow ReGoth my wardrobe. So that’s what I’ve done for weeks now.😉

Are you in a similar situation? Did you also decide to leave your gothic self behind for the sake of work? And are you still missing your black clothes as much as I do?

I desperately want to reclaim my darker self. To me, wearing black again is a step in that direction. Do you want to come along with me and try to ReGoth your wardrobe?

In the coming days and weeks I’ll try to discover

  • how to work with what I got,
  • how to complement sensibly, and
  • how to refashion clothes.

Would love to hear how you think about this!


  1. I totally agree with SiouxieL! I’m looking forward to following you on your journey. 🙂 I’ve been re-Gothing my work wardrobe since I started my blog, as I had been growing more and more bland and uncaring in how I looked at work. It’s a good feeling to go back to being true to yourself!!

  2. While not quite goth myself, I have definitely been going back to my roots of darkness. I’ve been looking for things that mix my love of “normal” stuff to bring it into a new way. I think it’s a matter of looking at how clothes interact with each other. Like your awesome new vest, it can add a great addition to a million different outfits. Sometimes it just needs to be that special ‘completer’ piece to turn your average humdrum outfit into something you love.

    I left my rocker/goth/jeans and tees because I thought that “growing up” my wardrobe was what I supposed to do in my 20s. I started picking out things that appealed to my ‘adult’ tastes, but now I’m ending up with a fusion of the two and maybe even some thing completely different. It’s definitely possible to still retain yourself in your corporate wear. I can’t wait to see how you go about doing it yourself!

  3. Hi there!

    Thanks for your feedback.🙂

    @Siouxsie: Thank you! I’ll try hard not to disappoint you.

    @Kitty: Yes, exactly. That’s what happened to me, too. I don’t plan on wearing all-black outfits daily now but I’d like to point to my darker tastes.

    @Megan: Funny how most of us thought growing-up would mean changing our wardrobe. I spent several hours rummaging through my closet today. Even found two interesting pleated skirts (one pink, one black).

  4. Same here, although I’ve always tried to create a so-called “corporate goth look” at work. I’ll follow your posts with huge interest.

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