Hidden in my closet…

Hidden in my closet...Hidden in my closet… by SalKaye featuring striped tops

I didn’t hear about Polyvore until recently but I discovered it to be quite entertaining.😉 I spend almost an hour browsing for clothes that look similar to pieces I already own. Doing this I realized my wardrobe isn’t as “un-gothy” as I thought. So, here’s a small collection of tops looking similar to clothes hiding in my closet…

Btw, does anybody miss the German translations of my posts? Most of you are comfortable with English, right? If not – lemme know, please!

I usually wear contacts but I’ve been thinking about getting a new pair of glasses for a while now. So here’s my new pair. The frame consists of three layers: red, dark blue and purple. Depending on the light it looks dark pink, dark purple or even black. I admit the photo is lame (taken in our kitchen and me not wearing any make-up as usual) but the glasses are just fabulous! I’m in love with them. I also have a pair with a black frame which I like, too, but I wanted something new and “different”.

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