Background Image

I changed my blog’s background image. Does it look okay on your screen? It should look like in the picture above. Does the site take longer to load now? Please let me know if you’d prefer I changed it all back to the simple gray background from before. Thanks!

I took the photograph in a cemetery. It was a beautiful day and when looking up this great view was revealed.


  1. I like the background. I don’t have any issues with your blog loading (and thank you for that! I am so tired of some of the blogs I’ve followed in the past that I’ve actually given up on them because they are too hard to view/comment on).

  2. I’m glad the background image works for you.
    I really don’t like sites taking a lot of time loading and I hope my blog won’t do that. If it ever does tell me, please.

    Megan, thanks for adding the link!🙂

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