Dark@Work: Even small changes don’t go unnoticed…

“I’ve noticed you’ve been wearing lots of black lately. You’re not one of these people partying in cemeteries, are you? Gothics, isn’t that what they’re called?”

I was part of a field crew today and I didn’t wear anything fancy because that usually goes along with wearing protective gloves and being covered in dust afterwards.😉 When I returned to the office later one of the superiors  asked me about “them Gothics”.

I was totally stunned about my superior noticing. As I had feared he was suspicious about Goths.

I never once wore an all-black outfit to work and I always tried to wear at least one item in a bright color. But even subtle changes will eventually be noticed at work…

(C’mon, this outfit looks ordinary, doesn’t it? I was really careful when chosing it since I knew I was going to do external work today. I wore a purple jacket, too, so that’s TWO bright colors.)

“I spend lots of time in the cemetery”, I answered cheerfully. “Even our dog wears her vampire cape when she comes along. What about you? What’s hidden in your closet?”

And then he told me about his noncompliant phase in the 60’s.😉

Weird situation which turned out okay, I think. We chatted a little about music, Goth people, and Woodstock – and I was relieved I didn’t end up getting “the talk”.🙂


  1. Don’t let it discourage you. I’m always disappointed when the word Goth is thrown around by my coworkers, because I know that they don’t know anything about it except the negative stereotypes. In this case, the sad thing is it was just the color black that caused concern, even when worn in a relatively ordinary styled outfit (I mean, it’s not like you wore black lipstick and fishnets!). I think you handled it very well!! Your supervisor may focus on the potential negatives at first, but will quickly realize that you are not going to drink the blood of your coworkers… 🙂 And you will be helping give Goth a better name in the mainstream!!

    1. Thank you, Kitty.
      This conversation had unsettled me.

      But I’ve had positive experiences as well. One of my co-workers asked me about Gothic fashion and if I had some ideas if and how she could complement her everyday outfits with gothic accessories. That was nice.🙂
      She promised to teach me how to diy jewellry in return. Cool!

  2. You know what? As long as you are neatly and properly dressed, no employer can complain about your clothes. There is absolutely nothing wrong or even that outrageous about your clothes today. And Goth style is so cool.

    Do you have Goth hair? Do you do dramatic make-up? I’m curious now!🙂

    1. Hi Sheila,

      no, I don’t wear make-up at work and my hair is quite “normal”, too (I think😉 ):


      I think there was nothing wrong with my clothes yesterday. Let’s see how that develops in the future (only 6 more weeks to go before I change departments, yippieh!^^).

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