Fashion Challenge: Fruits Week

Yes, this challenge hosted by Megan and Kiki contains colors – lots of them! At first, I didn’t think I could come up with a colorful, fruit-inspired outfit because of my personal fashion challenge – “ReGothing” my wardrobe. I’m trying to add more BLACK to my outfits – not more bright colors. *lol*

Today, we painted Mr. K.’s mother’s basement. I had put on some old clothes for this task. As we left our house, I grabbed my new jacket plus a green scarf and put it on. That’s when I realized I was wearing the perfect outfit for Fruits Week.🙂 The challenge will run from Monday, May 30th, to Saturday, June 4th.


  1. Thanks for joining. You really only have to be inspired by fruit. You could wear a purple shirt with a green scarf, black pin striped pants. It could be a piece of jewelry, like a cherry charm on a necklace with a pink/red shirt or even a bxw striped one! It’s just to help draw out inspiration. I think it could definitely still work with your Goth-ing up goal.

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