Dark@Work: No Complaints Today!

Sorry, I was really busy during the last days and didn’t write much. There were lots of things to do. I’ll tell you about the details as soon as I know everything will turn out the way it’s supposed to.

Guess what!? Nobody complained about my outfit today.😉 I chose a light white blouse to go with these pants and canvas shoes (sporting a black and white lace/floral print). These pants are actually part of my service clothing and since I knew I would have to change later during my work-day I had decided to wear them rolled-up. This way, I had only to exchange the white blouse for a different one, put on my boots and roll down the pants. Quick change!😉

I liked the outfit a lot. It was comfortable on a warm day, had black and white in it, and nobody complained about it being too “gothy”.


  1. Lol! I’m glad you got no complaints. 😉 Just ease into it and I’m sure you will be able to gradually go darker and darker without too much “feedback.” ;-D Just keep showing them that your work ethic and performance are stellar, and eventually they won’t care so much what color your clothing is!

  2. I love this and I’m glad you didn’t get negative feedback. I don’t know why people still think that wearing black to work means you’re going to do something crazy.

  3. congrats on the lack of complaints. I’m still of the mind that’s it’s possible to do goth in white. I’m always looking for what I call “White-Out Goth” pieces. They’re few and far between, but I think it’s worth looking.

  4. Thank you, everybody!🙂

    I did another black & white outfit yesterday (but forgot to take pictures, sorry) and it worked well. I think I’ll stick with black & white for now.

    I still wonder why black invokes negative feelings in some people. My work-outfits are usually very “normal”-looking and there’s always at least one more color, too. Plus, I don’t wear any make-up at work and my hair isn’t dyed black either. So I’m really unaware of what’s unsettling about the way I dress.

    Megan, I think so, too. And there are fantastic white gothic pieces out there. I already looked for some since those would be just perfect for work.🙂

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