Fruits Week: Banana & Peach

Fruits Week starts today! I wanted to take part in this badly enough to give up trying to dress dark for one day, *lol*. Since I couldn’t come up with anything “lime-ish” or “lemon-ish” I chose bananas & peaches to be today’s inspiration:

This blouse always makes me think “cowgirl” – I really love Western Movies especially those Spaghetti Westerns with Terence Hill (I’m still in love with him – see him HERE and HERE and HERE). Wish I had a real Stetson to go with this outfit!🙂

It’s hard to see in the photo but the blouse has yellow, pink, white, brown, and green in it. I bought it a TJ Maxx (or TK Maxx as it’s called here). The brown shirt was on sale at Takko – I paid 1.49 € (2.15 $). I know, there’s nothing gothic about this outfit. I tried hard to come up with any idea to add a darker touch but to be honest: it would have looked ridiculous. So I’m all country girl today, I guess. But next time I prefer the country girl to wear a dress like this one.😉

One comment

  1. Creative inspiration for a darker outfit. I love the dark-cowgirl dress you linked. There’s nothing wrong with mixing “dark” clothes with cowgirl inspiration.

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