Fruits Week: Watermelon (Pink is the New Black Pt. 2)

I love pink. Really, I do! And since it’s Watermelon-Day in Fruits Week – pink gets to be the new black once more!😉 I’ve never worn this jacket and this tunic together before. The contrast is a little too harsh for my taste.

These are certainly not the best outfit shots but I had already changed 50% of my outfit when I remembered to take a picture… so you get only to see the 50% that were left, sorry.😦 I wore blue jeans and pink sneakers with blue flames on them before I changed into my “at home”-outfit.

This is what I wore earlier and what I’m wearing right now (via Polyvore):

Fruits Week: WatermelonFruits Week: Watermelon von SalKaye

Looks much better the Polyvore-way, don’t you think?😉

Again I failed to add something “dark”. Although I can assure you that every piece looks also great when combined with black clothes.


  1. Love your leather jacket! I like the contrast. The polyvore was a great idea to show how your outfit transitioned. I frequently change into an “at-home” outfit if my blogged outfit isn’t comfy enough for sitting at the computer.

  2. I have to agree with Megan here. Love the jacket and the contrast and the polyvore gives me a nice idea of your outfit. Love the pink shoes!

  3. Thank you, everybody!
    And sorry for not replying earlier – I caught the flu and spent a couple of days in bed. I’m better now, though.

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