Red & Black Week: Monster In My Pocket… er… Bag

I had wanted to be part of Red & Black Week FROM THE VERY BEGINNING so badly – but what happened? I caught the flu and spent most of the past days in bed. And didn’t wear anything red (or does a red and swollen nose count?).😦

However, somebody else wanted to take part in Red & Black Week instead: Kaetzi! The pic was taken during one of our visits at my parents’ house. What you see is my black and red tennis bag, Mr. K.’s gray shirt, my red and black notebook, and… a cat!

So, while I’m still coughing and don’t feel like taking pictures of myself at all let’s talk about my personal story concerning Red & Black…:

It all started in 1992 with me having a crush on the one and only Ru-fi-ooo!🙂 For my 11-year-old self he was the coolest person EVER! A rebel, a fighter, strong, independent… and he never grew up *sigh*. I made my Mom buy me a pair of black jeans and a red sweater. I asked my Grandma if I could have a certain wooden bracelet I had seen in a store and which I considered to be quite Rufio-like. I think I still have it but I can’t find it right now. I even wrote stories about the brave Rufio.

From then on, I liked wearing black and red. Yes, because of him. In later years, I still liked that color combination but Rufio wasn’t the main reason for it anymore.😉 Still, I remember him sometimes and on some days I even dress a little in that “reminds-me-of-Rufio”-way.

And don’t you think the the Rufio-make up in the last fight scene is quite gothic?

While I’m at it: In 1993 my Mom FINALLY allowed me to watch THE LOST BOYS. The best Vampire movie ever. And yes, of course I couldn’t ignore David, could I? I think that was when a love for all things dark started growing inside my young (and not yet gothy) self…^^

Who was your childhood crush? Did he/she influence what you wore/wear in any way? Was he/she the reason why you turned to dressing dark(er)?


    1. Yes, I’m doing better.🙂 And I did better with today’s Red & Black post, too, I hope.😉

      Aw, 21 Jump Street! I loved watching that, too!

  1. Awww, such a cute story. I never really thought of it that way – but growing up I loved Jareth from the Labyrinth (Mmm David Bowie), I was obsessed with everything to do with Beetlejuice, I had the biggest crush on Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire (and Fight Club more recently). I grew up in a rather “dark-positive” environment though and was exposed to all sorts of gothic infused influences.

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