Red & Black Week: Polka-Dotted

Yes, I really did buy this scarf because of Red & Black Week!😉 I had wanted to own something like this for quite some time now and when the opportunity presented itself I didn’t resist…

Yesterday, I was a little lazy about my Red & Black Week post. I felt crappy – that’s my only excuse. Sorry. Still, I hope it made you smile about your childhood crush. Even if only a little. I thought about asking you how your childhood crushes influenced the way your fashion tastes turned out to be – but then didn’t. It had just slipped my mind at the end of posting so I added that question to yesterday’s post today.

Well, back to my Red & Black Week outfit:

I wore a simple black t-shirt, my favorite wrap-around cardigan, a pair of black jeans, and the scarf for work today. I couldn’t quite decide how this outfit felt to me: 50’s Style? Flight Attendant? Actually, I’d like to try “Flight Attendant Style” in one way or another – especially with red highlights like those fantastic red leather gloves they have at Air Berlin.

Only one single red item today. For some reason I seem to lack in red clothing. But I have another one for tomorrow, I promise!

Today, VictorianKitty asks which store dominates our wardrobe. Well, I’m not sure if there’s a dominant store… I buy a lot of my things at Zero, Orsay, and even Takko (the latter is less expensive and is probably similar to Forever21) but my shopping is not limited to these stores. I shop wherever I find something I like. I do not shop at gothic stores, though. I don’t like that “instant goth” style. Although I did order at EMP once… but that’s not a gothic store, is it? What I wanted to say is: I love “hunting” for dark pieces and putting together an outfit one by one. Sometimes it takes months and even years before it reaches perfection or – better put – before the moment of gratification is finally there.^^

I know, I know, we all remember that I’m the one who gave most of her dark things – and PERFECT outfits among those! – away because she was misled into believing they couldn’t be part of her grown-up work-life…😦

Ouch, I’ll be hiding in my closet for the rest of the evening… The soft crying you’ll hear will be me – pitying myself…


  1. Aww, don’t be sad. You are off to a great start at re-Gothing your wardrobe! I’m so in love with that scarf that I am seriously fighting the impulse to go order one just like it RIGHT NOW!!! lol. It really is gorgeous, and so awesome with the all-black outfit.

    We hold the same philosophy toward “creating” our Goth style rather than just buying it off of a rack. It’s so much more fun to me to be creative with the process, rather than just let a Goth designer dictate the end result. Although some of those brands are so wonderful I cannot resist buying a piece now and then (Gallery Serpentine, for one). And I did order a Lip Service blouse on eBay yesterday because it was a good price and it’s work-appropriate! 🙂

    Sophistique Noir – It’s Red & Black Week!

    1. Haha, would be so great if you ordered one, too!🙂
      Such a simple piece of clothing – but sooo many possibilities! I’m in love with that scarf.

      I didn’t have the courage to order clothes on ebay yet. Although I go looking for corsets and pocket watches sometimes.

  2. Aww love the scarf. Sometimes a statement piece is all you need.

    My wardrobe is full of thrift store finds because I am not limited to the store’s aesthetic. I really like certain brands like Ann Taylor Loft, All Saints, and Express. Sometimes a certain store just drafts their clothes to fit a certain body type, sometimes their stuff just consistently clicks with me – but I love thrifitng because it opens the ability to discover stuff you’d never think to search for.

    1. Thank you! Yes, I’m feeling much better.
      I think stress might have caused me catching the flu. Whenever I have lots of stress my health comes up with something to bother me, too.

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