Red & Black Week – and a latecomer for Fruits Week

One more day of Red & Black Week – and one more day of an extended Fruits Week, too!

This shrug makes me feel like a dancer somehow… Unfortunately, I’m not a dancer. I’m not of the graceful kind. I don’t move with elegance and there’s  certainly no ladylikeness about me.

But in this picture it almost – almost! – looks as if… However, I like what I’m wearing in the photograph: red shrug, long fitted black shirt, black slacks, black high heels (same ones like those in the “grape” photo below). It just doesn’t feel work-appropriate. I might trade the pants for a skirt the next time I attempt to wear this shrug. Still, it’s got a dark feel to it which I like. You even get to see my hair and face today because I didn’t look as stupid as usual.^^

Instead of wearing the red & black outfit for work today I chose the outfit I had originally planned for Fruits Week last week. But then I got sick and I never wore it. So, here’s the latecomer: The Grape Outfit!

I just realised I don’t like this shirt with that belt. I wore a different one for work and now think I shouldn’t have changed it when I came home. It looked more elegant before.

Only a minute after taking the last picture my necklace fell apart.😦 Oh no! I’ve had it fot ten years and I liked it. I hope I’ll be able to repair it.

Here it is in all it’s glory for one last time. *sigh*


  1. I love the shrug! The outfit looks work-appropriate to me, but then again we’re allowed to be pretty casual in my office (just no jeans, except on Thursdays). A skirt would definitely dress it up a bit, or maybe a “shiny” shirt underneath.

    Grape is my favorite fruit for wearing!! 🙂 That outfit has a nice, subtle bit of darkness to it – I hope it didn’t get any discouraging comments at work!

    Sophistique Noir – It’s Red & Black Week!

    1. The “grape” outfit wasn’t commented on although I kind of expected a comment or two.

      Funny how dress codes differ from job to job! In my first job (tax accountant’s assistant when I was 20) we were not allowed to wear jeans. Blouses and pants for women, suits and ties for men.
      I’ve been a Civil Servant for several years now and have been working in different departments. In my current department, we’re allowed to wear jeans but no clothing civillians could take offense in or could feel provoked by – so we all try to dress as average as possible. On some occasions we have to wear service clothing which really doesn’t leave much of a choice.😉

  2. Fantastic red bolero. Well considering the challenge was open ended in terms of inspiration and joining – I don’t have any problems with late outfits. Did you send anything in to Keely for the roundup? That’s the only thing the deadline was really for.

  3. I love the shrug, especially the subtle beading along the edge and think that outfit does indeed seem very dancer-ly. It also seems pretty work appropriate, but I am in a profession that is notoriously unconcerned about fashion and everyone seems to have interesting ideas about what is work-appropriate and there is no formal dress code I have ever heard of. Nonetheless, it strikes me as conservative enough for public consumption🙂 .

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