This blog was never really meant to be a “Gothic-Only Blog” – it was supposed to reach out to those facing the same troubles like me, thinking similar thoughts, and wondering if there’s still space for darker things – for “other” things – in the work-dominated life we now lead as grown-up people.

But there’s always this nagging voice in the back of my head that keeps telling me a blog that has “dark” in it’s title should a) have a dark layout and b) should be a “Gothic-Only Blog”. I’ve decided not to listen to that voice and change the layout back to “light” instead. I just don’t like the dark layout very much, to be honest. Also, I myself find it tiring to read a white font on a black background (does that prove I really DO get older? Hopefully not…^^).

I hope to still be able to welcome you as my readers even if I don’t manage to keep up a “dark appearance” all the time.🙂


  1. I don’t really care for white text on black backgrounds – when I encounter them, I read everything in Google Reader instead. 😉 And you are right – even being Goth doesn’t mean everything has to be black. or even dark colors. Throwing some light in gives a lovely contrast. For example, I personally am not a fan of dark decor. Referring to color, not style. Our home is decorated in a sorta “dark Victorian” style but by dark I mean the overall feel (lots of gargoyles, gothic-style candle holders, etc). I almost never use black in my decor. Most of our walls are painted lavender, the bedrooms and dining room are ivory, and the kitchen is a Tuscan orange. In fact, our house came with black granite counter tops, but I wish they were burgundy! I hate the black because can’t find my hair pins after I lay them on the bathroom counter. 😉

    I’m rambling on as my way of saying Yes, go for the light!! I support you thoroughly!! 😀

  2. I think the dark edges are plenty. I honestly prefer a light colored background with dark text. Not necessarily white, but at least light enough that it doesn’t obscure what I’m reading. I mean, I want to come back to a place so it needs to be readable.

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