International Steampunk Day – June 14th

Yes, it’s true: Somebody finally invented International Steampunk Day! I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t stumbled across this article at, a German Steampunk Site. So, what do we do to take an active part in International Steampunk Day? The International Steampunk Day-FB group suggests:

“[…]we get to dress up like Steampunk Characters, watch steampunk movies, play steampunk video games, read steampunk books and just bask in the glory that is the steampunk genre. So bust out your goggles and your ray guns, your felt vests and your steam gaskets and imagine a history that might have been…at least for one day.

So show your support, sign up for the group and celebrate your steampunkness this June 14th. Then post your pictures of your parties, your costumes, your steampunk projects and direct us all to more steampunk goodness.”

Have you already heard about International Steampunk Day? Did you plan anything for it?

My much-loved vest… Third on the list of “Most Steampunky Items I Own” – right after my goggles and top-hat.😉 I don’t have a Steampunk Outfit and probably won’t get one but I love calling one or two (or three^^) steampunky pieces my own. “Steampunky” to me, that is.

More Steampunk on “Still Dark @ Heart”: Click here.


  1. I didn’t know!!! Thank you for sharing this. I’ll try to remember next year… I’m not very Steampunk myself, but could probably throw a decent outfit together! 🙂

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