On Drinking Tea

In honor of International Steampunk Day (June 14th) I just enjoyed a cup of tea – East Frisian Tea – with milk and sugar thus breaking with the East Frisian Tea Tradition.

Drinking tea was a popular tradition during the Victorian Era in England – which is probably why it has found its place in today’s Steampunk genre. Tea has quite an interesting history and people all over the world enjoy this beverage. I did some research on how to actually drink tea (not “take” tea) and found many interesting links about Tea Etiquette.

In Germany, the above-mentioned East Frisian Tea, a strong black tea to which Kluntjes (rock candy) and cream are added, is really popular. Although I live in Northern Germany, I’m not from Frisia (although it’s not far from here) and don’t follow the traditions of this Tea Culture exactly. That’s why I added milk and sugar and even dared to stir my tea… Usually this kind of tea is drunk unstirred so the three different tiers of cream, tea, and finally Kluntjes don’t mix.

How do you drink your tea? Do you follow any tea tradition or stick to tea etiquette? Do you consider the ritual of drinking tea to have a part in Steampunk?

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  1. This is fascinating. I’m highly interested in tea. But I’m also rather un-sophisticated about it due to being a Sweet Iced Tea lovin’ Southern Girl. I do like a hot cuppa when sick or during cold weather. I got really into loose leafed teas awhile back, but didn’t have the opportunity to try as much as I liked.

    I think at the very least, tea should be properly brewed for the application and type of tea. The only thing worse than burnt coffee is burnt tea.

    1. Tea can be an obsession… About 10 or 11 years ago, when I was still taking choy lay fut classes ( a kung fu style) I was obsessed with a Chinese tea which – directly ordered from China – was horribly expensive. The obsession only lasted a couple of months – I just couldn’t afford it for much longer.

      Love Sweet Iced Tea, too. But I do drink my hot cup of tea every morning at work (Lipton Forest Fruit). Maybe that’s a European thing?

      1. Possibly. Coffee is much more prevalent here as a morning drink. I do like my hot tea, but I live in the “Deep South” and it stays hot and humid. Personally I can’t take drinking hot drinks when it’s hot. I even switch to cold coffees.

        I’m an Earl Grey fan through and through, milk and sugar please. But I did have a minor obsession with a “Valentine’s Day” blend with notes of strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and black tea. I got a sampler from Adagio.com and that came in it. It was naturally sweet without needing much to any additions. Oh and the herbal pure dried peppermint leaves makes amazing tea when you have a headcold.

  2. What a great post for steampunk day! I definitely think taking tea has a part in Stempunk culture. I went to the first Steamcon in Seattle and the hospitality rooms were set up as tea rooms and the fashion show was also a tea party. I am, maybe a little too, obsessed with tea. You have reminded me also how much easier it is to get really nice tea in stores in Europe than the US. I really like all types in different ways. I love my english-style tea hot with just a it of sugar and milk, but would never put either in Chinese tea.

    1. Thank you!🙂

      Thinking about it, I only had one single cup of tea when still living in the US (which means: one cup of tea in one year…). Hmmm, weird. I never really thought about it until you mentioned it maybe being harder to get interesting blends in the US. I’ll have to check that out the next time I manage to spend my vacation in the US (need to win the lottery first, though).

      England is probably THE country which satisfies my tastes in tea best but fortunately there are some cool German tea brands, too.

    1. Tea lattes are great! I love Chay Latte. Chay tea on it’s own is a little too strong/harsh for my tastes but add cream, milk and a little more cinnamon on top and I absolutely love it!🙂

  3. I love mint tea (with sugar) and green tea (plain). My love of tea probably comes from my grandmother. Whenever I would go to her house she would always put tea on, and tell me about proper steeping methods. And when we would go to a restaurant she would scold waiters who would serve tea without steeping it. But I probably like tea cups more than I like tea. Weird, no? I think I got my love of tea sets from my grandmother as well.

    1. I understand perfectly!😉 I’m not obsessed with tea SETS but with tea CUPS. I have so many I don’t know where to put them anymore. For some reason I’ve been buying tea cups with rose/flower prints a lot lately. The one in the photograph was a gift by my Mom for my 29th birthday.
      I have a very gothy tea cup at work. It’s white with grey/black roses on it. It was sent to me in a “swap” event (organised by several bloggers) from a nice lady living in Austria.

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