What I Wore To Work Today: Steampunk Accessories

No, I didn’t give up yet: I’m still trying to put a little more “Steam” in my wardrobe. This task has gotten much easier since I’ve found several “essential” items that match each other and can be re-matched with other everyday-clothes I already have. Today, I decided to wear this blouse and my new pocketwatch-necklace (how do you call these things?). The latter was a gift from Mr. K.🙂

There are many things I really, really love about this blouse:

  • the puffed sleeves
  • the black buttons (I think I’ve never seen a white blouse with black buttons before… have you?)
  • the ruffled collar which has a certain Wild West / Weird West feel to me
  • the cute little belt that came with the blouse (although I might exchange it for a different belt the next time I wear it)

I think blouse and necklace will join “the vest” on my list of favorite items to wear.😉

Here’s a larger photograph of the newest items in my Steampunk collection.

I find it hard to come up with a black Corpgoth outfit daily. That’s why I decided to try finding work-appropriate outfits with a hint of Steampunk in them. I’m very fond of the Steampunk genre and I think Steampunk Fashion complements Gothic Fashion very well.

I’m really excited about how my “ReGoth Your Wardrobe” experiment will turn out in the near future. By broadening my choices it’s really gotten easier to decide what to wear to work.

More Steampunk on “Still Dark @ Heart”: Click here.


  1. Hi; I just stumbled on your blog and am enjoying it. I love the steam punk genre, and appreciate how you are showing us how to incorporate it into our professional lives. Love how you play with pieces and accessories. Keep up the good work!


    1. Thank you, Wendy.🙂
      How did you stumble across Steampunk?
      For me, it happened quite accidentally when a friend gave me a copy of “The Difference Engine” by William Gibson and Bruce Sterling.

  2. Ooh, I like the new additions. Mr. K has excellent taste! The blouse is so lovely. I like the belt, but since you are thinking of trying a different one,how about something a little wider and more bold? Or even none at all for a different look? I’d love to see your vest on top of this blouse, too!

  3. Love how you try to incorporate these unique fashion statements into your daily wardrobe! It’s much like my series on The Subtle Steampunk in my blog. Totally loving it.🙂

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