“I’m still here!” & announcing MONTHLY MOVIE MONDAY

Hi everybody! I’m still out here! Hope you haven’t forgotten me?

It was my first day in the new job last Friday. I’ve been enjoying working in a different and exciting city a lot these last 3 days. Also, I think I did pretty well with being “Dark@Work”. The new job offers so many new possibilities concerning work-clothes!🙂 I’ve been wearing skirts for the first time in years on Monday and Tuesday! I’m happy.🙂

Unfortunately, I wasn’t very active in the blogging world. I’m really sorry. I don’t have access to my desktop computer at the moment and therefore my internet connection isn’t that fast and keeps annoying me. I hope it’ll all get better in late July or early August. We’ll hopefully be home-owners by then. So please bear with me a couple of weeks.

There have been many great fashion and blog challenges these past weeks. I didn’t participate in every single one of them but I tried (I’m much too late but I’m wearing beads today^^ – @VictorianKitty).

I keep thinking about hosting my very own blog event/blog challenge. Actually, this has been on my mind for quite a while now and I guess I’ll just give it a try.🙂 So I hope you’ll join me for MONTHLY MOVIE MONDAY – starting in August.

What will MONTHLY MOVIE MONDAY be about? Wear something inspired by a movie or even your favorite TV series and write about it, blog about your favorite movie and what it’s about, write about anything inspired by a movie or series, introduce your favorite actor… I’ll give you the details as soon as plan on launching the event.


  1. Congrats on the new gig!! You’re challenge sounds like fun, and also sounds like it will make Monday’s a little more “exciting” or at least, something to look forward to. Let us know details when you can!

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