Dark@Work: Dark Flowers

I really don’t know why this photograph’s quality turned out so bad but you might still get an impression of what I wore one of the first days in my new job. The blouse is black with blue, gray and white flowers printed on the fabric. I stumbled across these blue tights the other day and thought they’d look great with the blouse.In fact, I find this outfit great – dark, but not overly so.

During the first two weeks in the new department, I wore skirts almost daily. Pure joy!🙂 I haven’t felt that feminine for a looong while. The old job just didn’t let you wear things like that.

One funny/strange thing happened, though: Last week, one of my new co-workers saw me carrying my cup of tea which is white with black flowers on it. He looked at it and said: “From which crypt has this mug been retrieved?” I was too stunned to answer but soon discovered he had meant it as a joke.


  1. I’m very intrigued by all the comments you get on your clothes/accessories. I wonder just how different the culture is in Germany compared to the US. It seems wearing black and even punk/goth inspired clothes are really not common place or not “accepted” by the everyday person.

  2. @Zoe: I wasn’t sure at first but I absolutely love those tights now!

    @Jazzymimi: Thank you!🙂

    @Megan: Germany is not THAT different… The thing probably is that I’m an officer in Civil Service and am viewed differently, I guess.

  3. Congratulations on your new-found freedom to be feminine! ;-D I think this outfit is adorable. You are totally right – it’s dark, but not excessive. I also recently got a white mug with black flowers for work… No one has said anything to me, but then again I’ve been here a loooooong time… 🙂

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