A New Home – Finally!

Today, we finally got the keys for our new home! I’m so glad it all worked out somehow. I never expected the process of buying an apartment to be so exhausting. We’ll have a lot of packing to do these next week. We also need to paint the walls before we move in. Most will be painted white but we haven’t decided about the kitchen yet. The kitchen walls are a yellow-ish beige color now. I took some pictures of the empty apartment today. I’ll show them later.

Will there be gothy/dark decoration in the new place? Probably not much. I haven’t quite decided yet. I’m actually very much in love with Scandinavian and cottage style furniture and decoration. Mr. K. says he feels more comfortable with a “normal” looking home, too, so that’s what it’s probably going to be.😉

What about your place? Is your home gothy and/or dark?


  1. Ours is pretty normal, but there’s a few little things here and there – like there’s a sleeping stone dragon on a cabinet in our living room and a few gothic-looking candle sconces in the bedroom. Kevin doesn’t want it too goth either. 😉

  2. Congratulations! It’s a wonderful feeling when it all finally works out and you have the keys in your hands. 🙂

    Our decor is what I call Dark Victorian. We don’t really use any Goth cliches (like black furniture or spider webs). Everything is dark wood and candles and formal drapes. Plus a few gargoyles throughout, to keep us safe. 😀 Unlike many Goths, we don’t use black in our decor at all (except a few picture frames). I like rich, deep colors, with ivory-toned upholstery for contrast!

  3. Congratulations on your new apartment!
    I don’t really have “decor” to speak of. I have a pretty teeny, tiny apartment so I try to arrange my things in a somewhat decorative fashion. I have books stacked against all the walls in lieu of any posters or art prints and have jewelry hung out on hooks and tacked up lace and things, and smaller things in pretty tea tins on shelves, for decorative effect. I generally avoid dark colors, or large patches of them at least, because I think it would close in the space. I do also have a gargoyle though.

  4. Congrats on the new place! My home (of one room) is not decorated at all. It’s pretty much all function before form, and the wall color is horrid because we cannot repaint. Goodluck decorating and enjoying the new place.

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