The New Apartment – First Impressions

These are the first glimpses of our new home – before and after painting every wall and ceiling white.


The previous owners had put this red roses wallpaper on two walls in the living room. The guest room (not shown) was painted violet and grey in parts before.


Mr. K. and I prefer white walls so this is how the same two walls look now. The floor is made from wood. We think it’s still the original wooden floor back from the 50’s when the house was built.

Here’s a quick impression of my new kitchen. The walls used to be orange/beige. The doors were also painted. They’re made from real oak wood so we used clear paint only. The doors originate from the 50’s, too.

The apartment is empty still. Some furniture will be delivered next Friday. I’ll take more photos then.

P.S.: Don’t forget about MOVIE MONDAY on August 15!


  1. I want to see more of that kitchen! The wood of the counter tops is gorgeous. I love the shapes of the room. I feel like European architecture is always more dimensional than “American” built homes, which are very cookie-cutter and boxy.

    1. I don’t now much about architecture, really. This house was build in the 50’s and had to fit in the corner right next to another house and a road. That’s probably why it’s not quite rectangular.
      I’ll take more pics of the kitchen as soon as all is in place.😉

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