Finally! It’s Movie Monday! Want to be part of this? There’s still time! I’ll include every link in the roundup which appears in the comments of this post today and tomorrow (Aug 16).

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Thanks to everybody for supporting MOVIE MONDAY and being part of this blog event. I wish I could hug you in person.🙂 Your posts are so great and inspiring! THANK YOU!

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Okay, now here’s what I’ve come up with for the first MOVIE MONDAY:

STAR WARS – Sith Lady or Jedi Knight?

The other day, I found myself wearing this:

Me wearing this didn’t happen accidentally of course, but the the sensation of wearing these garments was quite accidentally… I found myself feeling like a Jedi Knight!

I mean, this looks like a JEDI ROBE, doesn’t it?

When I was much, much younger, I used to be an actice player of the Star Wars LARP. So, for the first MOVIE MONDAY I thought I’d share some photos of these past days.

This was my first Star Wars costume in the late 90’s. Thanks to a good photo editor the “lightsaber” did have a “blade” later (in red, of course).

This is basically the same costume with some improvements – and fake blood. Since my hair seems to be much longer and in a ponytail I think the picture might have been taken in December 1999 or 2000. The “laser gun” used to be a friend’s plastic toy gun with random plastic parts from the trash can glued and /or taped to it. Some silver paint was added aroud the edges to give it a used look. Does it look as if Han Solo might carry it around? I think it fell apart later that day after every single player used it as a prop in the photos we made.😉

Shorter hair again – summer of 2000 or 2001? I don’t remember. That was my “pilot” costume.

Does all that make me a big Star Wars fan, I wonder? Not anymore, I guess. But I enjoy remembering the days of being part of the Star Wars experience/hype.


  1. Great Jedi outfits. Coincidentally, I just started rewatching the movies this summer. I never realized how awesome Luke’s all black outfit was until recently. I especially love your second and third photos.

  2. You look awesome!I’m not a nerd about Star Wars but I love the movies. I really can’t figure out what I should dress like for a movie monday. But if I had to choose, maybe Violet in Lemony Snickets An series of unfortunate events. Her dress is so beautiful and I loved the footage in this film.

  3. I love everyone’s contribution to this! I just came up with an idea for the September Movie Monday, so I will be anxiously awaiting your next announcement. This is really a challenging theme, which is what makes it so fun. 🙂

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