Projects And Outfits – Some Dark, Some Colorful

A tired dog.

Tiny pink tongue sticking out.

Cute, cute nose.

Guarding the electric cable leading to the laptop.

And a busy Saturday in pictures:

One of my current WIPs (Works In Progress) – A blanket for the dog. Some people consider me being a little old-fashioned because I enjoy crocheting. Well, I think it has actually turned into a modern craft once again.

Wearing this dress for the first time and loving it! It was on sale and I fell in love with the print.

I didn’t have the time and patience for a proper picture. We were heading to a great Spanish restaurant and I was somewhat late… Spending to much time in front of the mirror, I guess.😉

Old church – right opposite of the restaurant. It looked impressive against the evening sky.

My car. Waiting for us to finish supper.😉

It was getting colder at night so I changed before heading to the late-night flea market. I had hoped to find some interesting books but it was so crowded I never got the chance to even get a closer look. But I was lucky still and found something FANTASTIC:

A Dirndl!🙂 It’s used but I don’t mind. It’s perfect!!! Although I’m from Northern Germany and not from Bavaria I still love Dirndl dresses. I often thought about buying one but the real Dirndl is usually quite expensive so I didn’t. But the nice lady selling this one made me an offer I couldn’t resist: 15 Euros. Wow! Thank you so much!

What did you do on Saturday? Any great finds?


  1. I put a coat of paint on a friend’s bookshelves that I’m helping them refinish, then I knitted half a mitten – then unraveled said mitten because there was a mistake at the beginning😛 – and then knit another half a mitten! So if I hadn’t made any mistakes, I’d have a whole mitten to show for my Saturday. But… I don’t. 😦

  2. Your dirndl is a great find! I don’t think there is any particular reason you should have resisted.
    Now that I am thinking of it, I am not sure I got anything accomplished with my Saturday, but sometimes that is a worthwhile use of a Saturday too.

  3. Agreed – the pattern on that dress is perfect! And I notice you are using more accessories!!! Nicely done. 🙂 Love the Mary Janes, too.

    We had commitments this weekend, so we really didn’t get much done. We did spend some time starting to clean up our craft room to make it useable again… We keep our house spotless, except that one room where we liberate ourselves to be messy creative types. But it got so out of control that there was not table space left to work! It became the room where we tossed stuff that didn’t have a proper place but we weren’t sure whether to get rid of, and then there was no floor space left either! One more weekend and that room should be back in its proper order!!

    1. PS: I think crocheting is still cool. And Goths are generally a crafty bunch, so it’s very appropriate to be a crocheting Goth. 🙂 I think it’s awesome that you are making a baby blanket for the dog. You sound like how I am with my cats. 😀

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