Ruffles & Bare Feet

I made a great discovery the other day (which doesn’t relate to my outfit): The Barefeet Sole. It’s a thin sole which can be put in any pair of shoes you want to wear with bare feet. I didn’t think it would work and had sweaty feet and blisters in mind when I put them into my new shoes this morning. But alas! No sweaty feet, no blisters! Wow! They are even washable.

That being said, I’ll start with the “real” post now…

I had a birthday slump yesterday. I looked into the moirror and thought: You’re an old goth now. I counted the wrinkles on my forehad. Then counted the freckles covering them. I went to my favorite hairdresser yesterday AND the day before. I was panicky. I didn’t sleep well. I was annoyed with Mr. K. when he sang “Happy Birthday” at midnight. It was not a fun Wednesday… I turned 30 yesterday.

Nope, I’m not complaining about my age per se. But the whole turning 30 business was just weird.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday darling! And welcome to the 30 something crowd. 30 is NOT old, 40 is NOT old, etc. … nope, they are just numbers. It’s how you feel inside and how beautifully you carry yourself — which you do quite beautifully, my friend. *Raises a glass of champagne* To you! And to a wonderful year!

    Hugs from NYC!

  2. Happy birthday (even though I’m really late…), Sal! You’ve got to be kidding me: 30 is not old! Seriously, I’m heading for 44 in a month, and I don’t feel old, so neither are you!

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