Blogging from Hell

“Best Wishes” – Bavarian Crème for my birthday.

Good morning. Today, I am blogging from hell… aka my cell-phone. So I guess you are all subject to this test.😉

I finally managed to get over my birthday-depression and started feeling confident once more.
I threw a little party last Saturday and enjoyed myself most of the time. And yes, the food was mostly American – maybe you recall me asking about food typical for the U.S.? We had hot dogs, cheeseburgers, marshmallows and stuff like that.

The party was neither dark nor gothy in any way because there were more non-goths than goths.  Although The Sisters Of Mercy happened to be played…

How was your last birthday party? Did you have anything special planned? Was it dark and gothy or quite “normal”?

Edit: I’m home now and thought I’d edit this post and share some birthday pictures with you:

On my birthday, I was allowed to go home from work early so I took the little terrier for a walk to the cemetery. We go there daily.

What I like best about the cemetery is that one’s allowed to bring dogs. So both of us, the little diva and I, get to enjoy long walks there.

Enjoying herself.

Birthday present from Mr. K. He got me a great jacket, too, but it’ll have to wait for another post to be shown.😉


  1. My last birthday party was this June for my 39th birthday. It was a very simple affair with copious amounts of watermelon martinis, delicious cheeses and fruit, a crudité platter, tortilla chips and a variety of salsa, etc. and of course, birthday cake. The decorations were black and white, which were all inspired by a black lace pattern on the paper napkins I used. The music was predominately Goth, EBM, Industrial, and Punk Rock … and our guests were a good mix of Goth, Punk Rock and everyday folk — basically all of our very close friends.

    Once again, Have a Happy and Marvelous Year!

  2. I am actually not much of a birthday-party-person as I am not really fond of being the center of attention so my last party was for my 21rst birthday which happened to coincide with a good friend leaving to study abroad. As he is an Irish trad musician we held an improv session with his band and had plenty of Irish beverages and American southern food.

  3. I’m with Sabayon: those of us who dislike being center of attention usually don’t have birthday parties! Although I am planning one for my 40th. It’ll be my dream dance club night. I have two DJ friends lined up, and there will probably fewer than 15 people there (introverts have small circles of friends). Most of them won’t even be Goth, but they’ll have to do their part to fit in for the evening. 🙂

    I’m glad to hear you are over your Turning 30 Depression. I agree with all who commented on your last post: age is just a number, not an indicator of how good your life is. My 30s have been the best years so far, and I know my 40s will be even better! Stay happy and you’ll never feel “old.”

    Cute pup enjoying the lovely scenery!! 😀

  4. My last b-day was for my 30th. Went clubbing with to of my sisters. We had a wonderful time. Like the others, I don’t like being the center of attention, so I haven’t had a birthday party in a while. I’ll be 40 next May so maybe I’ll do something special for that. Have fun in you 30’s. They’re not so bad.

  5. Le Professeur Gothique – This sounds so delicious – I feel quite hungry now.🙂 Thanks again!🙂

    VictorianKitty – Yes, it’s just a number, but it made me stop and think about what I’ve achieved – and not achieved – in my life so far.
    Sounds like your 40th birthday will be a fantastic event!

    Vivienne – I’ll do it like you: No more parties before I turn 40.🙂 Or maybe only small get-togethers with my closest friends until then.

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