The Goth Challenge: How did you come across the subculture?

I am late – as usual – but I’ve still been wanting to join in The Goth Challenge (brought to you by Juliet’s Lace) so here I go…

I think my parents are to blame for me stumbling across the subculture. When I was in elementary school, they listened to The Sisters Of Mercy all the time. And they got me the movie soundtrack of The Crow for my 13th birthday. Also, my Mom is to blame for my love of vampire books and vampire movies. She owned a copy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and encouraged me to read it – and that’s probably how my love of darker things was born. But it took two or three more years before I met like-minded people and realised most of them were goths. That’s when I somehow started being a goth, too, I guess.😉 It wasn’t about fashion or dressing black at first but about books, poetry, dark music and movies. It was about vampires and mythology, witchraft and writing dark stories. Only later did I start wearing all-black. And that’s really all there is about me coming across the subculture.


  1. I can remember wishing from a very early age to have black hair. My parents didn’t allow me to dye my hair black, or wear black nail polish, or dress in all black, or listen to heavy metal music so I was a late Goth bloomer. I never took it too extreme, but I definitely enjoyed my freedom to wear and listen to what I wanted. 😉

    1. I bet you did!😉
      I never dyed my hair black, not once.
      At first, my parents didn’t allow it and later everybody expected it – so I decided not to meet the expectations. Also, I feared blond hair would turn green when dyed black…😉

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