Monthly Theme Post: Lace

It’s October, 1st – and it’s time for the Monthly Theme Post (hosted by VictorianKitty).

Today’s theme is lace. Which means I’m in trouble – because I rarely wear lace. Right in this moment I’m not even sure I own any lacy item. So I browsed the internet instead and found some great lace patterns for the knitters and crocheters among us. All of them are offered for free! How cool is that? Just grab a ball of your favorite black or gray or purple yarn and visit these great sites:



I will add more if I find more.😉

You might probably want to pick different colors for most of these projects. Although I think one can not only add a gothic feel by changing the colors (black, purple, gray, dark red, perhaps pink, too) but maybe even create an item perfect for your Steampunk outfit (brown, copper, darker reds, dark blue and gray/silver).

Articles you might also be interested in:

P.S.: I was wrong! I DO own something with at least a little lace:


  1. Ooh, now I definitely need to get my sister to teach me how to knit and crochet! I’m so glad you posted these. It’s a different take on my lace theme, and so inspiring!

    Of course, now Mr. Kitty is going to want me to knit some lace for him to use as a stencil to paint his car…. ;-D

  2. Well, you may only have one lace piece but it is a very beautiful one. The projects you linked to are lovely too. I am especially drawn to the swamp witch for some reason🙂

  3. What a nice shawl! Thanks for the links! I crochet sometimes when I’m in the mood for that. I don’t have a lot of lace on clothes but even more in my decorations at home. You asked for a tutorial on armwarmers. They are so easy to achieve. I you don’t have a sewing machine with a lot of special seams you just fold and sew a vague sig-sag seam (to make it stretchable) The lace I used on the arm warmers is a bit stretchy.

  4. Hi everybody!

    Thank you so much for your nice comments!🙂
    Please lemme know if any of you attempts knitting/crocheting any of these.
    I’d love to see the results.

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