What’s New & What’s Next?

The past weeks have been very busy. Many expected and unexpected things happened. I received good news and very bad news. Today, I thought I’d sum up what I’ve been up to these past weeks and months and let you know what’s on my mind.

In May, we found an apartment we wanted to buy. We succeeded eventually but it took us months of negotiating and renovating before we finally moved in last week. So here we are: in our new home! I’ve still not gotten around to put all my things away so there won’t be any photos for now. There’s still too much chaos in some rooms (well, in my office mostly).

We’re connected to the internet, too, so hopefully I’ll be able to resume blogging on a regular basis soon.

At first, we were very worried about how the dog would overcome the relocation. The last time we moved it took her days to accommodate to the new place. This time I started crocheting her a blanket while we still lived in the old apartment. I thought that maybe if she found something in the new home with my smell in it to lie on  she would be more at ease. I have absolutely no idea if it worked that way, though.😉

I finished the blanket just in time and fortunately it was a success. Whether it was because of my “love and smell” or just “because it was there” I don’t know.^^

Overall, the dog likes the new place much better than the last one. I just regret that I had to leave the old cemetery behind. I haven’t found a place of such beauty in the new town yet.

And what’s next? Well, I’ll do a book review very soon – and a giveaway!🙂 What will the latter be about? Well, fashion and Halloween, of course!

*     *     *

Only a couple of days before we moved, I received very sad news. One of my co-workers comitted suicide on September, 21st. We are shocked. He was such a nice and fun person, a friend to all of us, and nobody suspected there could have been anything wrong. Farewell, D.G., we miss you.

I’ve tried to make sense of his death but I can’t. Nobody does. I still hear him laugh sometimes.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your co-worker. Shortly after a college reunion a few years ago one of our group (who didn’t attend) committed suicide. I left us all feeling empty. Everyone asked about him at the reunion and wanted to see him then, but now we especially hate not having the chance to say goodbye. It cuts deep, even if you haven’t spoken to that person in years.

    Your terrier is adorable! That’s my favorite grouping of dogs. They are so much fun.

  2. Oh honey! I am so sorry for the loss of your co-worker. Dealing with a death is never easy, dealing with a suicide is overwhelming. Hugs to you!!!!

    On a lighter note, congratulations on your move, your new place, and a happy puppy!!!

  3. Thanks to all of you for your kind words.
    We miss him so much.
    He was such a fun person to be around.
    And he knew so many interesting things about plants and wildlife.

  4. I’m sorry for your loss. Suicide is such a difficult thing to accept. I attended the funeral for a friend of a friend who had committed suicide, and even though I had only met him once I couldn’t believe the feelings it stirred in me. It’s just so hard to understand; incomprehensible.

    I’m glad to hear that the move is complete! Congratulations!!! The little doggie sure looks content on her special blanket. You’re a great mom! 😉

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