Review: “Morbid Fashion: A Style Guide”

During the time of renovating and moving I was – thanks to my smartphone (do they call it “smartphone” where you live, too?) – able to not only read my favorite blogs but also a pretty cool book on fashion: “MORBID FASHION: A STYLE GUIDE” by Zellain Dystopia of The Morbid Fashion, who has been blogging about gothic fashion for years.

In her book, Zellain describes how to gather fashion inspiration and offers helpful insights on how to find and develop your personal style. She offers help on chosing what to wear, where to shop and where to find inspiration.

At first I had the impression that “MORBID FASHION: A STYLE GUIDE” was a great book especially for those new to gothic fashion and those unsure of what to wear and how to wear it. I soon realized I was wrong.

The book is not only great for those new to the szene or those being a little insecure about gothic fashion but also for those who have experience in dressing darkly. Zellain offers so many tipps on how to gather personal inspiration that most of us will likely find new ideas. Personally, I love her suggestions on how to file and will apply part of it to my own system of filing.

Apart from her personal insights, Zellain has added tons of fantastic links and keywords for you to browse.

The best for last: If you don’t have a copy yet – there’s a Spooky Holidays Sale on The Morbid Fashion right now!🙂


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