The Sturdy Goth: Possible? Unthinkable?

Autumn has arrived and it’s getting really cold here. I usually get up at 5 a.m. and take the dog outside for a walk at 6 a.m. when it’s still FREEZING. So I got this sweater the other day to keep me warm and cozy.

Looking at myself wearing this (and other outfits of late) I wonder if I somehow turned into an “outdoors-person”. I surely dress like it. I mean, don’t I look somewhat sturdy in the clothes I usually wear?

When did that happen? Did this come with fall arriving? Did the dog do this to me?^^

I wear clothes like this whenever I’m planning on spending some time outdoors. When walking the dog and even when I’m running an errand in the city. And I think I won’t change it. Because I just love being comfortable, warm and cozy.

Still, I’d love to know how you face the  cold and rainy weather.


  1. I love the cold and rainy weather and i love to wear sweaters and jeans. I can’t live without my jeans, i love them. I think you can still be “dark” and “goth” wearing sturdy clothes. It’s how you feel that counts.

  2. You’ve gotta do what the weather dictates! That doesn’t mean you aren’t still dark and edgy; just practical and realistic AND dark and edgy! 😉 I love the layered look of the sleeves on that sweater. Is that a separate top underneath? It’s a sturdy look, but still cute! Especially with the scarf.

    How do I face cold and rainy weather… Cold = more layers (boots, tights, thigh-high leg warmers AND a long skirt). Rainy = just ignore it, since we rarely get more than a drizzle here, but wear flat shoes instead of heels! Cold AND rainy = stay indoors, turn on the fireplace, and hide!!!!! 🙂

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