The Goth Challenge: Day 2 – Share photos and experiences from your Baby Bat days

2001 or 2002, I don’t remember

When I was a baby bat, we didn’t have digital cameras yet. I’m pretty sure there are some photos at my parents’ house from that time but I don’t have one on my computer. So here’s the oldest one I could find: I think this picture was taken in 2001 or 2002. I remember wearing that coat the day I did a presentation on Celtic myths and legends in spring 2001.

I never had a very hard time when I was a new gothling. I think my dad got upset about my interest in devils and demons once (on Christmas Eve) and some girls from school behaved horribly towards me when I was still 16 – but that’s all. I was part of a huge RPG network and enjoyed GMing at conventions (mostly “Vampire: The Masquerade”). Nobody questions the look of the storyteller at a gaming session.😉

Many of my friends wore black, too, and I was never challenged (much). At school, the other students told me jokingly I’d most certainly be a “professional” Wiccan High Priestess sooner or later.^^

I might have had such easy times because I never kept much to myself. I had many non-Goth friends, too, and I tried hard to be nice to everybody. In school, I greeted everybody, talked to everybody, listened to everybody. I think it worked pretty well.

I was really lucky back then. I know many of you were not and I’m really worried about how some baby bats are being treated.

(Question via “The Goth Challenge” by Juliet’s Lace.)


  1. I love your top hat. It’s nice that you didn’t have too much trouble in your younger days. I love that you were nice to everyone. Thats what I ask my children to do. They don’t have to be friends but i want them to treat other children with respect.

    Greta post. Thanks for sharing part of your past with us.

    1. Hi Vivienne,

      that’s right, you don’t have to be friends with everyone (I don’t think that’s even possible) but everybody deserves some respect.
      How old are your kids? I hope they won’t have any trouble at school because of how they dress or what they like.

  2. Nice outfit! If your polite and treat everyone with respect I don’t think there will be no issues about clothing etc. I loved your post Sturdy goth! That look suits me perfect. I’m living at the countryside and do a lot of outdoor living and with 4 children it’s necessary to dress practical.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Hello Therese,

      I know exactly what you mean – although I don’t have kids (yet) but the dog also keeps me busy.🙂
      She enjoys leaving dirty paw marks on my clothes, too.😉

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