Wearing Dresses In Fall And Winter

This topic has been covered by people who know much more about fashion and wearing dresses than I do but last weekend, I wore a dress to a family event – and it was freezingly cold that day. I had to come up with several ideas to make that dress work and stay both warm, comfy and chic for the whole time. So I guess I’m covering this topic, too.😉

I own many beautiful dresses: long ones, short ones, modern dresses, medieval dresses, fancy dresses, casual dresses, LBDs, colorful ones… But I don’t wear dresses very often.

I prefer wearing jeans and comfortable, warm clothing because I get cold easily and don’t aprreciate freezing to death very much. But is that really a reason to not wear a dress? Hell, no!

Wearing the right kind of tights, shoes and undergarments always help me a lot in keeping warm. Also, I’ve added many different kinds of cardigans , wraps, shawls and blazers to my wardrobe which can be worn with dresses.

Bonus: different cardigans/wraps/shawls/blazers make one and the same dress look different every time you wear it. So do scarves, hats, barrets and other accessories.

Germany is a pretty cold place in fall and winter, so owning a coat is essential to me when wearing a dress. A long coat offers much more warmth than a jacket. I also like having an extra shawl/scarf and gloves or wrist-/armwarmers around, either in my purse, my coat pockets or my car. Additionally, I’ve added extra soles to some shoes so that the cold won’t creep up my feet too easily.

When wearing a dress, I always try to keep my feet, hands and butt warm (a cystitis is probably not a fun thing to have). Adding the abovementioned soles and/or wearing boots help keeping your feet and legs warm. Many people also wear knee-high stockings or leg-warmers over tights, too. In her great article “Surviving a Winter in Skirts”, Sabayon even suggests waering leggings + tights which I haven’t tried yet (although I’ve worn an extra pair of socks under tights) but soon will. She offers even more insights on how to keep warm in winter so I highly recomment reading her post.

More great articles about wearing dresses in cold(er) weather can be found here:


  1. I love the first dress. it looks cranberry in the picture. One of my fave fall colors. Like you, i don’t wear dress very often. I prefer my jeans. it’s hard to walk dogs and run around with children in anything else.

    Hope all is going well with you.
    Blessings, Vivienne.

    1. Thank you, Vivienne.
      You’re right, the color is cranberry.

      Yes, all is well. The worries have dissolved.
      The stomach ache they had coused is getting better, too.

  2. You look lovely! The first dress is especially pretty. That color is irresistible! Thank you for the reminder about using sweaters and blazers over dresses. I often don’t think to try that unless the dress is too strappy without coverage… My goal this fall is to get brave and try some blazers over a few different dresses!

    Great links too, with lots of inspiration to help us transition into fall. Whenever the weather turns cold, I find it difficult to remember how I managed to look cute the previous year. 😉 These suggestions are jump-starting my brain!

    1. Thank you! The first dress is my favorite, too.
      I have the same one in gray/black.
      Glad you liked the links. I find them very helpful, too.

  3. I agree with the comments above. Love the color of the first dress.

    And your post reminds me that I need to change up my cardigans. I tend to wear the same one over-and-over again.

    1. I do so, too.🙂
      That’s why I started the same cardigan in different colors.
      That way it always fits perfectly while the outfit looks different, too.

  4. I LOVE the first outfit, because the dress and boots are both so great, and I covet your low-heeled Mary Janes from the second post! It gets pretty cold here in the winter too, and I wear skirts/dresses exclusively, so I’ve used a lot of these tips. I’ve often found that, wearing a velvet or wool skirt over thick tights, leggings, and socks keeps me toasty while my jeans-clad friends are shivering. And thermal leggings are great!

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