The Horrors of a Week

I’m so glad it’s Saturday! The last few days were just awful. I had some minor health issues, an argument with my parents who can’t accept how I live my life at times, and worries about our new home. The apartment building’s basement is flooded for some unknown reason and the property management failed to solve the problem until now. I’ve already called them a couple of times but they don’t seem very interested to get active. Also, I want a bathroom renovation really bad. The former owner “renewed” the sinks, toilets and bathtub in our two bathrooms by himself – and it looks like it.😦 Some things should only be done by professionals, I think.

How has the last week been for you?

Halloween Tip:

Every Halloweenradio we make you scream!


  1. Hi Sal Kaye

    Sorry to hear your week has gone badly. Hope all gets better soon. I’ll be thinking of you.

    My week? My husband just left us today but no worries, we’re better off without him. It’s just us girls now and we’re thinking of throwing a party for ourselves instead of feeling sorry for ourselves. if that makes any sense. We are strong and can get through anything.

    i know that you are strong as well and i’m sure your parents will coma round someday soon. I hope you get a new bathroom soon. My house needs a lot of work as well!

    Blessings to you and yours, Vivienne

    1. Oh, Vivienne! That’s sad news although I’m glad to hear you feel better because of it.
      Well, maybe you really should throw a party if you feel like it. I think that could be the opening of a new chapter.
      I feel I don’t have the right words to tell you what I’d like to. I used to be fluent in English many, many years ago but now I feel at a loss. I would like to let you know I’m sure you will grow even stronger out of this situation.
      How are your girls doing? Did they see this coming?


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