Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I already met a horde of little devils, demons, witches, ghosts and wizards outside. I put pumpkins and this cute Halloween lantern on my balcony and wore my skull scarf for work. I also shared some Halloween candy with my co-workers. What did you do?

This is me, only minutes ago. I am as tired as I look.😉 You get to see my new scarf also – and how my hair looks at the moment. I want it to be long again!

Happy Halloween & a Blessed Samhain to all of you!


  1. I didn’t actually do anything yesterday, but I went to a comic book convention on Saturday – that was fun! It was kind of last minute so I didn’t have a great costume but it was just awesome to watch some of the other costumes walking by. Next year – we will go back, and we will have AWESOME costumes! 😀

  2. I love the lantern too! Do they have trick-or-treating in Germany? I know in Switzerland it was sort of a possibility, but only the odd, usually American, families participated.

    1. Yes, they have – but only in very small parts. The doorbell rings only one or two times.
      There is a similar thing going on in Germany on the 10th of November and in some regions they celebrate St. Martin’s Day on November, 12.
      Both are (mostly) about candy.🙂

  3. Happy Halloween to you too!😀

    I live in Canada, so trick-or-treating is the norm, but my mom (who I’m staying with at the moment) lives in a very small community, so we only had 4 trick-or-treaters. Oh well, more candy for us!😛

    Great scarf! Skulls make anything look good.

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