Monthly Theme Post: Armwarmers

It’s time for the Monthly Theme Post brought to you by VictorianKitty. Thank you for this great theme! It made me get real busy yesterday.

I have several pairs of gloves and armwarmers but since I got home real late today I didn’t take pictures of all of them. Instead, here’s a simple tutorial on crocheting your own superfast and supereasy armwarmers:

Using a size 6 / J crochet hook and bulky yarn (e.g. “Royal Tweed” by Lana Grossa), chain 30 (+ 2 for turning chain).

1st – 15th row: 30 x DC (= double crochet) each row.

Crochet one row more or less, depending on width needed.

Fold the resulting rectangle in half. Decide where you want the hole for your thumb to be. Create a tube by sewing/crocheting ends together. Leave hole for thumb open. Voilá! Done.🙂

Weave in ribbon & tie bow if wanted. I tried this with a purple piece of ribbon and it looked very pretty but unfortunately it started fraying at the ends real bad so I removed it.

These armwarmers are a very quick and easy project and suitable for beginners.

There’re probably patterns/tutorials for armwarmers like these out there but I didn’t have one (because of cold hands, I crocheted these quite spontaneously in front of the TV yesterday night) so here’s what I did only. Please share if you find a similar pattern so I can add a link to proper instructions.

I’ve crocheted similar armwarmers last year, usind SC (= single crochet) stitches only – using this pattern by Attic24:

I love these because they keep my hands warm while typing.😉

Did you all have a great Halloween yesterday?

*     *     *

A big THANK YOU to Sabayon for awarding me! This is my very first award and it made my day. I will pass it on soon.🙂


  1. “spontaneously crocheted these in front of the TV yesterday night”??? You make it sound so easy! lol. To me, that’s like saying you spontaneously decided to do some brain surgery while watching TV. 😉 I greatly admire your skills! They look great, and I imagine they would be lovely indeed with some ribbons. I often have trouble with frayed ribbon edges, too. 😦 The “pros” have some way of melting the edges but I’ve Googled high and low and can’t figure out what they are using. I’m not about to try the old “melt it with a lighter” trick!

    1. I thought about “melting it with a lighter”, too, but didn’t want to burn down the house.😉

      These armwarmers are really easy, I promise! You only need to have very basic crocheting skills.
      Maybe I’ll do a tutorial in the near future.

  2. Thanks for that super easy tutorial! I will try it for sure! A little tip from me, if the ends on the ribbon will fray, hold the ends close to a lit candle and the ends melt a little, if it s not cotton.

      1. Thanks! 😀 I’ll definitely learn crochet, at some point – I wanted to wait until I had learned knitting a little better, I’m so bad at half-assed learning things I didn’t want to be “kinda good” at both knitting and crochet, if that makes sense. I took a knitting class at a local shop and I really enjoyed it, I think after Christmas they are going to have some new classes and I’ll probably sign up for beginner’s crochet.

  3. Ah, ’tis the season for crochet and knitting! I love creating things on the fly like this, but am not so experienced with crocheting that I do anything better than a blanket without a pattern. This is very inspiring!

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