Outfits? Outfits!

In case you might have been wondering why there weren’t any outfit posts lately: No, I haven’t stopped wearing clothes! *lol* I was just very, very busy. I’ am working 12-hour-days this week and as soon as I get home I’m just too tired to do anything of much worth. But I dutyfully took some photographs of my work-outfits these past days and will present them to you one at a time. I did some experiments with colors (dark blue, red, gray) and very, very cute pieces (some of which I’ll present on MOVIE MONDAY, November 21st).

In the picture above (I had some fun playing around with a simple photo editor), I’m wearing my new jacket. The dog walked in to sniff my boots while I tried to find the right position. If you have a very close look, you can spot Mr. K., too, and me with longer hair.😉 The stuff on my bookshelf consists mostly of plushies, books, yarn and other knitting equipment, my new beauty-case (is that how it’s called? the dictionary says “toiletry kit” or “sponge bag”), papers, and the cute cupcake picture I bought in Norway last month. It’s a terrible mess but I’m too lazy to take care of it. My office/craft room is to small to contain all my stuff. I’m not very good at organizing. Are you? Do you have any special tricks to make your life easier?


  1. Love the jacket and your dog is very cute. I like to buy little baskets to store things in. Second -hand shops are are good place to find them in all sizes and colors. They look really good on bookshelves.

    Can’t wait to see more outfits!

  2. Your art-ified picture is great!
    I have no idea what a “sponge bag” is. “Toiletry kit” is reasonably correct but sounds old-fashioned. I think beauty kit or mak-up bag would be right.

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