Red & Black

A while ago, I bought these wine red, almost purple, tights. I didn’t wear them for a long time because the color simply scared me. My legs are the chubbiest part of my me and I feared these tights would draw all the attention there (and they did!). Still, I wanted to wear them at least once so I decided to pair them with a black skirt, black wrap cardigan and a shirt of the same red/purple. I love the boots I’m wearing here but I think shoes with a higher bootleg would have looked better. What do you think?

By the way, the next MOVIE MONDAY will be on November 21st. I’m really excited about this coming MOVIE MONDAY because I found some great pieces on sale which totally remind me of a certain movie (and book).


  1. Hmm, I don’t know, Sal. I really love this outfit and have a hard time picturing a different boot with it. I love how simplistic it is, The pendant, tights, and boots are just the right touches to make it distinctly goth. I personally have felt lately like I sometimes go overboard, so this was a nice example to see.

    1. Thanks!🙂 For the last 6 months or so have tried to re-goth my wardrobe and find outfits which are at least a little dark/gothy but still suitable for work.

  2. I could see a longer boot, maybe up to the knees, looking good with this outfit, but the boots you are wearing look great to. It’s overall just a great outfit!

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