Naked November

Le Professeur Gothique gave out a homework assignment this month. It’s called “Naked November”. Since I love blog challenges, blog themes and the like, I naturally want to be part of this!🙂

So, brace yourselves – here’s my naked face:

This is me, right after stepping out of the shower, toweling my hair dry and putting on the shirt which would later be part of yesterday’s outfit. I don’t wear make-up very often so you’ve seen my naked face before. I just thought you should be allowed to see the unkempt hair, too, and have a little laugh.🙂 As for the reason why I usually don’t wear make-up: I have very sensitive skin and eyes. Adding more to my skin than my facial cream causes it to start itching and develop pimples (I’ve had enough of those as a teenager). I sure love to emphasize my eyes but they get dry, tired and feel gritty after two or three hours no matter which product I’m using. I’m not sure if I’m allergic or just sensitive to make-up. I’ve stopped worrying about not wearing make-up long ago. I find my naked face interesting enough.😉

Some people argue that one can’t be a Goth if not applying make-up. Well, why not? I haven’t heard a convincing reason so far. Have you? Or am I just too old to care?^^

I usually wear contacts. Although I love my pink-purple-black-framed glasses a lot. I have two more pairs of glasses. One pair is similar to those above only with a black frame while the other pair’s frame is red.

What I really love about my face are the freckles. I’ve always loved them. I even wish there were more. They add a certain sauciness to a face. I’ve never considered my face pretty but still like it for it’s rough edges. When I was a teenager I decided I wanted to look interesting and different if I couldn’t be pretty like the other girls. That worked out very well for my. I don’t feel insulted if people tell me they think my face is funny. Because it is – and “funny” is “lovely”, too!

But you’re probably more interested in which products I’m using daily:

This is what you’ll see if you open my bathroom cabinet. The stuff in the dark blue bottles is what I use for my hair: spray gel, gel, hairspray. I really spend a lot of time caring for my hair in the morning. My hair is very thin and very fine. I wash it daily because it starts looking greasy if I don’t. I spend 15-20 minutes blow-drying and stylimg my hair every day.

For my face, I use products by Garnier. I wash my face twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed. I always put creme on my skin after washing. The stuff in the light blue bottle is washing gel which prevents pimples from appearing. I use the facial cremes (one for morning, one for evening) in the middle of the photo during the warmer months of the year. The facial cremes in the red containers are supposed to make wrinkles disappear – or at least to make them look softer. The latter works good enough for me. I use these during the colder months of the year because my skin is pretty dry in fall/winter and doesn’t start getting greasy/oily after use then.

Well, I think that’s all there’s to tell about my daily routine. Thank you very much for bringing this assignment to us, professor! I’ve enjoyed being part of it and reading all the great posts of my fellow bloggers.


  1. Why should we brace ourselves? You are lovely, and your face is both pretty and with plenty of character-not a common combination! And your freckles are awesome-I so wish I had some myself!🙂

  2. I love your freckles. i have them as well. i think they give us character. A goth without make-up is stlli a goth. It’s how you feel on the inside. I’m a goth who loves to wear jeans and I don’t color my hair anymore. I just let my reddish brown curly hair with touches of grey go free. i like the wildness about it.

    Thanks for sharing your Naked November. Very cool challenge.

  3. I agree with Mary – your face is very friendly! You’ve got great nose and pretty eyes! I love your glasses… And I think the towel-dried hair is actually very cute! Just add some gel before you do the towel thing and you’ve got a little bit of punk. 🙂

  4. As Jamie said, your face is pretty and has character – very attractive! You strike me as a person who would have a good sense of humor. The freckles are awesome. And I think the unkempt hair looks fun!🙂

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