MOVIE MONDAY – November 21st, 2011

November’s MOVIE MONDAY will be on Monday, November 21st.

For those of you new to my blog , this is what MOVIE MONDAY is all about:

This month’s MOVIE MONDAY will be November 21st. Until then, there’s time for you to write a post inspired by a movie or your favorite TV series, e.g. blog about your favorite film and what it’s about, write about anything inspired by a movie or series, introduce your favorite actor, wear something movie-inspired…

There’ll be a roundup of everybody participating on Monday, November 21st. So leave the link to your MOVIE MONDAY article in the comments of this posts so I can add you to the roundup. Please link back to me/this article. If you like, you can use the image above:

<a href=””><img title=”Movie Monday” src=”; alt=”” width=”200″ height=”256″ /></a>

What if you need a little more time? No problem! I’ don’t mind adding your link to the round up a day or two later.

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