Casual Day (or: don’t click “publish” if you want to schedule a post…)

The other day, VictorianKitty featured a great outfit with purple highlights and asked us about a “casual day” at work. I told her that “In my new department, every day I spend on office duty is a casual day which means I wear jeans and a chic blouse or fancy top. I don’t wear sneakers, though, only shoes with heels. I mostly work in the field, though, and my outfits are very professional whenever I do external work, mostly skirts and blazers although I have done dark blue jeans + blouse + blazer once or twice […].”

Today, I want to show you one of the casual outfits I love to wear at work. Okay, I admit it’s very, very, veeery casual but I had the perfect excuse for wearing it nonetheless: our boss being on vacation…

I found the purple sweater on sale. I own a matching purple watch (gifted by Mr. K.) and thought these two pieces would look cute together.

At my work-place, all-black outfits are frowned upon. That’s why I mostly wear dark blue jeans and never, ever forget to wear at least one colorful piece with every outfit. I experimented with gray and black outfits though and these have even earned me a compliment. Well, let’s see how far I can go with my outfit choices. Recently, I was told about a Goth who even left the department because her clothes were a cause for antagonism. I never met her so I can’t tell you the whole story. As it seems she wasn’t very willing to compromise at all. Should she have been or not? What would you choose: Personal expression over work? Work over personal expression?

P.S.: I was taking part in a training course (tax law) this weak and wasn’t able to comment much on your blogs. I was reading them, though!

P.P.S.: I really messed up this post. I tried to schedule it and it didn’t work. It was published, then deleted, then scheduled… It might have appeared in your feed readers more than once… I’m sorry about this. It wasn’t my intention to send spam.😦 I tried to do damage control via my smartphone (didn’t take the laptop with me this week) but it made everything worse. So, so sorry!


  1. lol, i do that accidental publishing thing a lot!

    i really like that sweater! think i need more purple in my life. although sadly, now that i work from home i’m normally in my pajamas or my gym clothes or… just not dressed up at all. =[

  2. I love the purple sweater. it looks awesome on you! i try to add a bit of color to my outfits as well. Purples, greys and teals are my colors of choice.

    No problem with the publishing. I do stuff like that too!

  3. I love that sweater – the buttons down the sides are very cool. 🙂

    I’ve compromised my personal stye for work before – not everything, but I’ve certainly “toned it down” before. I was ok so long as I went super extreme on the weekends, but after a while it really started driving me crazy.

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