MOVIE MONDAY: The Sherlock Cape

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Sal Kaye proudly presents the MOVIE MONDAY ROUND-UP:

Thank you so much for taking the time and create such wonderful movie-inspiration!

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A while ago, somebody suggested I watch “Sherlock Holmes” because it had “Steampunk” in it. I did as I was told and found the movie to be quite nice. Yes, it has a “steampunky feel” to it but it’s not a Steampunk movie. Nonetheless, I found “Sherlock Holmes” to be quite entertaining and decided to let this movie be my inspiration for November’s MOVIE MONDAY. I didn’t want to copy the costumes of this movie but preferred to be inspired by a more classic Sherlock Holmes-style.

This is one of my “Sherlock Capes”. I love capes. I think I begged my Mom to buy me my first cape when I was 13 years old. My second cape, a green woolen one found it’s way to me when I was 18. I wore that one a lot for reenactment and LARP events and even starred it in a movie (art project for school).  The plaid one you see here screamed “Sherlock Holmes!” to me the second I entered the store. “Buy me!”, it begged. “You’ll be so happy wearing me!”

Ah, my sweet Sherlock Cape! How could I leave it in the store? I knew it would make me feel special – and it does. I usually don’t like plaid very much but isn’t this cape one piece of plaid elegance? Tragically, it’s much too cold for wearing this cape now but I found a black fleece jacket which goes very well underneath so I can still wear it on colder days.

Here’s another cape. This one’s black and feels like a combination of felt and fleece to me. I found it in the same store the Sherlock cape came from. It was on sale, it was black, it was awesome – I bought it without too much thinking on my part.

Actually, I liked the black cape so much I bought the same one in gray, too… I’ve worn both a lot these past days. They’re lovely and warm. I haven’t worn them to work yet but I definetely will.

As most of you know, we moved into this apartment only 6 weeks ago. Our kitchen looked very naked and boring when we moved in so we hurried to find something special to put on the walls. Mr. K. and I both decided these tin-plate signs would be awesome in our kitchen. Coincidentally, the left one is just PERFECT for this MOVIE MONDAY.😉

What about you? Do you own a cape? How do you like capes as a fashion item, especially in darker fashion styles?


  1. GREAT CAPE!!! Sal, I didn’t forget about Movie Monday! I’ve been crazy with Thanksgiving preparations — everyone comes to my house for the feast. I promise to post something tonight or tomorrow morning. Something that has to do with turkey and the season. hehehe … Intrigued?

    1. Don’t worry: There’s always enough time!🙂

      Thank you very much for your contribution! It has brought a movie I haven’t seen yet to my attention.

  2. AHHHHH! As a lifelong Sherlock Holmes fan (I was the weird 9-year-old kid lugging a 25-pound complete Conan Doyle to school when everyone else was reading Captain Underpants), I loved the new movie, and an outfit inspired by it fills me with joy and rapture. How cute do you look in that top cape, with its fab plaid? And your boots in the second post are to die for. So. Much. Love!

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