Dark @ Work: Grey & Black

I never liked the color gray very much. I didn’t even give that color any thought. But that changed very recently when I got this pair of gray tights and tried to find matching pieces in my wardrobe. I wore this outfit at work and I felt extremely comfortable yet elegant in it. Nobody made any remarks concerning the color black and I tremendously enjoyed myself.

Gray is just the perfect color in combination with black! I never even realized how many black pieces I own before I tried building this outfit around the fabulous gray pair of tights.  As it is getting really cold here I wore this gray cardigan most of the day.

After work, just before taking the dog for a walk, I changed into a pair of black jeans. It turned too cold, too wet and too foggy for long strolls which may or may not lead a dog-owner through brambles, bushes, mud and wet grass (Mr. K. very kindly cleans my shoes every time I happen to get them dirty – just in case you were wondering). I think this is still a great outfit – even one I would wear at work – but I really felt better wearing a skirt and my new favorite pair of tights.😉


  1. i love gray! i didn’t used to, but I realized about a year ago that i look a lot better in gray than in black. although i like black. but black makes my skin look sallow and sickly. grey makes me look brighter.

    i still wear black, but… you know, i have an appreciation for gray now.

  2. I love grey and black for work! It’s a great way to feel “dark” but you still get credit from co-workers for not wearing all black. Normal people are so easy to fool. ;-D That scarf is so lovely. It’s perfect how the three grey pieces tie the outfit together.

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