Monthly Theme Post: Outerwear

This time, the theme for VictorianKitty’s Monthly Theme Post is “Outerwear”. I’ve recently shared some outerwear here and here but there’s still more in my closet:

This is one of my numerous fleece jackets. I like the cut of it and it really keeps me warm. On very cold days I wear this one beneath one of my coats for extra warmth. as I’ve mentioned before, I started referring to myself as a “Sturdy Goth” because I spend quite some time outside on a daily basis, dress accordingly and don’t care much about looks: I often end up with dirt on my pants’ leg or my jacket thanks to Lady Terrier… who went rabbit hunting this morning while I was holding the leash. We measured strengths for a bit. I won and the rabbit got away safely.

Another fleece jacket. This one is great because of its removable hood. Looking at this picture I think I will take pictures of the things you get a glimpse of in the bookshelf and show you someday.😉

Here’s one of my steampunky jackets. This one’s more for summer use because it’s really tight and you can’t wear a thick pullover beneath. By the way, I took all these pictures in a matter of minutes – that’s why I’m wearing my work jeans in every single one of them… In case you were wondering.^^

It didn’t take Flo very long to discover where I’m hiding the chocolate for x-mas.

“Chocolate?” – “No, little dogs are not allowed to eat chocolate!”  This is one of my warm winter coats. I wear it on my way to work when it’s still cold and chilly in the morning.

Thank you, VictorianKitty, for this month’s theme! Looking forward to the next one!

P.S.: One more late-comer for Movie Monday (I just found your blog today – so sorry to not having included you earlier!): Allison Paige Eckfeld – The Fisher King.


  1. I love the steampunky one, but I can see how that might not be enough warmth in the winter. Is it light enough you can wear it like a blazer, underneath a warmer jacket? I have one kind of like that. My winter jacket is similar to your last one, but mine is shorter – I like yours better! 😛

  2. Ooh, I *LOVE* the Steampunky one! It looks great on you. Of course, warmer is better sometimes, and the black fleece one is a particularly good choice! And I love the shininess of the last one! So does Flo, I see. 😉

    I am by no means Sturdy Goth. I can do my fair share of hard labor, but expose me to weather and I fall apart. Any kind of weather: wind, cold, hot, sun… Can’t handle it. I’m definitely Delicate Goth! Indoor Goth, at the very least. 🙂 I envy you your sturdiness!

  3. I’m glad you liked my choice of outerwear for this post.🙂
    The Steampunk Jacket seems to be everybody’s favorite.
    Unfortunately, it’s not very comfortable to wear as a blazer instead of a jacket.

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