Have yourself a gothy little X-Mas

I feel really bad because I didn’t share many posts with you these past day. The x-mas chaos has closed its grip on me and I seem not to be able to escape. I have so many things on my to-do-list but haven’t crossed out more than one yet. Also, I’m desperately waiting for snow. Why is there no snow yet? There were a few flakes this afternoon but they all melted without leaving the smallest trace.

Yesterday, when we were outside on our walk with the dog, we met our neighbors and their dog. Mr. N. is a photographer and recommended I go see the old cemetery which is nearby somewhere. I haven’t discovered it yet but I will eventually.

While I was at work I came to wonder about “having a gothy little x-mas”. Our x-mas tree will not be decorated in traditional red, green and gold baubles but in purple and white – it will not be gothic.

Nonetheless, there are a few of my personal x-mas traditions I don’t want to miss this season – and which might appeal to the darker souls ot there, too:

Wearing festive black clothes

I bought a little black dress with lots of lace a while ago. I will wear it for a huge Army dinner event which will take place at the barracks where my Dad was a helicopter pilot for 30 years (he’s retired now).

Having dinner in candlelight

This dinner event will take place in candlelight only. There will be no electrical lights except for emergency lights (as far as I know).

Sitting at the fireplace

We have a fake fireplace. It runs with electricity and is quite cozy. For my MIL’s fireplace, which is a real one no longer in use, I bought some fairy lights which flicker like gas lights from the 19th century. I put these behind some logs which makes the fireplace appear as if it was lit. We also know some restaurants with real fireplaces and we might have dinner at one of them this month.

Watching “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

I know, I know, this is stereotypical but it can’t be left out!

Reading fantasy books

I don’t read fantasy novels very often anymore (I already admitted to liking paranormal romance, didn’t I?) but for me they are still an essential part of x-mas. There’s nothing better than reading about swords and sorcery, heroes and villains when it’s dark outside most of the day.

Putting cinnamon in a cup of hot chocolate, tea or cappucino

I love the smell and taste of cinnamon. That’s why I always have cinnamon at home and at the office, too. I like to put it in a hot drink. Have you ever heard about some of cinnamon’s magical  properties: spirituality, healing, success, power (to name only a few)?

Writing dark, thoughtful poems and diary entries

Yes, yes, more stereotypes. But bear with me! It’s the x-mas season, dammit! The season of patience! Ahem… Where was I?

I love writing, especially in the days between Christmas and New Year’s Day. These are the days of (self-) reflection and reconsideration, the days of though and planning.

*     *     *

Do you have any personal x-mas traditions? Just for yourself? Things you like to enjoy on your own?


  1. What a lovely cemetery picture! Well I will probably take it very easy this Christmas. The decorations is finished except the tree which will be in silver and white this year. There will be a lot of birthdays this month and only one party, this Friday.

  2. I usually have a mulled vine party with the friends, sometimes at the local Christmas Fair, sometimes (= when we are cold and/or broke) at home.

    In every year, I make presents, and greeting cards for my family members and friends, goth for the ones, who’ll like it. ^^

    I also ask for handmade presents, but I’m not sad, if I don’t get, I know, people do not feel like crafting sometimes.
    The whole family is usually dressed in black, or other dark coloures, so on the traditional Christmas family photos we tend to look like the Addams family.

    1. Congrats on your blog, GothMP!🙂 How great you decided to join us.
      I’m too lazy for self-made christmas cards but I would love to see yours! Will you share photos? Please do!

      1. I will share, and the makeing of the presents too, but unfortunately my goth friends are reading my blog, (well, least one of them…), so I have to wait with those. Or else, it would spoil the surprise. ^^
        In a few days they will be ready, and posted.

  3. “It’s the x-mas season, dammit! The season of patience!”
    lol i really laughed at this!

    i’m not very gothy anymore (which you can probably tell by the bright colors on my website) but i love this list! so much better than the typical holiday stuff!

  4. What an awesome photo! We don’t do anything particularly Goth for xmas, except occasionally hit a club. The first December we were dating, we went to a cool industrial club on xmas eve. Santa was there, trying to start a mosh pit (yeah, some guys still try to mosh as industrial clubs. *sigh*). Love the candlelight dinner idea, the fireplace, and the Nightmare Before Christmas!

  5. I love wandering up to Rockefeller Center to see the big tree when no one else is around, usually after a club night. Aside from a few wandering tourists we are usually the only ones there. It makes me feel like the tree is there just for me.🙂 I actually don’t do many “gothy” things for the holidays, rather I continue some of my Mom’s traditions like baking cookies for the whole family. I’ll make huge amounts and pack them up into cute little boxes to give out.

    Ed and I aren’t Christian — we’re Wiccan. We always spend Yule evening and Yule day together celebrating the longest night of the year. In the evening I make Indian food because, to me, it’s the closest to the heat of the sun (it’s a personal association with curries and spices) and then we do ritual together. The next morning we open presents and take a walk through the woods, weather permitting. The next day we catch our breath and get ready for the Christmas insanity that consists of Christmas Eve at my brothers followed by a day of cooking and entertaining our families and friends at our apartment. The 26th is spent sleeping. Seriously, I don’t get out of my pjs.🙂

  6. Watching The Nightmare Before Christmas is a definitely a yearly tradition for me too…although, to be honest, I watch it every chance I get! I don’t really have any other Goth aspects to my christmas though (parents wouldn’t be too pleased haha). I love the cinnamon idea though.

  7. These are great suggestions and I love the photo. We are seriously overdue for real snow around here.
    I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I think my favorite goth-y Christmas movie will always be Edward Scissorhands.

  8. Love this post. This year I have been making rum hot toddies. I will likely celebrate Christmas by going to see Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And then cutting my bangs ridiculously short.

  9. I have been falling behind in my blogging and visites as well. Being a newly single mom trying to get through Christmas takes a lot out of a gal.

    Thank you for sharing all the Gothy things to do during the holidays. I love cinnamon in my coffe and egg-nog. Yum.
    Nightmare Before Christmas is an awesome movie at any time of the year and fantasy books are a great way to escape to another world.

    Winter Blessings, V.

  10. Ohhh, thank you, everybody, for these lovely comments!🙂 I didn’t expect this post to get so much positive attention!
    Big thanks goes to Amy (Ultimate Goth Guide) who sent many visitors here.

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