Monthly Homework Assignment: Comfort and Joy

Le Professeur Gothique’s Monthly Homework Assignment is about Comfort & Joy. Thanks for this challenge!🙂

I find both comfort and joy in a surprisingly huge amount of things. Here are a few to give you a rough idea of what brings peace to my soul.

  • Our dog:


  • My parents’ cats:




  • Long walks outside and taking photos:

Old headstone from the 19th century

  • Drinking tea in candlelight:

I love the smell of tea & scented candles

  • Crocheting & Knitting:

I’m not very good in these craftsbut I still love how they calm you down and make you feel cozy

  • Reading
  • Taking a bubble bath
  • Drinking hot chocolate
  • Taking a hot-water bottle to bed (warm toes!!!)


  1. Pets always seem to factor into the whole comfort and joy thing. 🙂 Your little girl is such a cute pile of shagginess! I am totally in love with Filou’s belly! When I see an exposed feline belly like that, I just want to bury my face in it. Especially when they smell good.

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