Happy New Year!

Finally, 2012 has arrived!🙂

We spent New Year’s Eve at home, had fondue for dinner and watched several concerts on tv. At midnight, we had champagne (only a very small amount for me) and then went outside to watch the fireworks and to send our own bottle rockets on their way. Unfortunately, there are new guidelines concerning fireworks in Europe (see this article for more information) which allow the use of much louder and much more dangerous pyrotechnics. This has me very worried and I honestly don’t understand why this has been allowed.

I hope you all had a nice New Year’s Eve and didn’t wake up with a hangover this morning? I’ve somehow caught a cold and don’t plan on doing much today. Actually, I’m still wearing my pyjamas although it’s noon already.


  1. That was worrying news indeed. Many swedes have pets and horses and for them New years eve is a horryfying experience. Our rabbit was very frightened yesterday. We had an amazing view over the village nearby and watched all the firework at a distance, but I think it’s dangerous to shoot them in such a house crowded place. Kom loy lanterns is a peaceful alternative and we saw a few of them. Johan had made his own silent firework with potassium nitrate and sugar. Have a happy new year!

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